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BADD - Blogging Against Disablism Day

Taken from http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/ouch/200804/blogging_against_disablism_200_2.html
Thursday 1 May is the date. Your blog is the place. Yes,
Blogging Against Disablism Day
(informally known as BADD) is back for the third year running, and disabled and non-disabled bloggers throughout the world will be posting entries on the
subject of Disablism, Ableism or Disability Discrimination. There's no restriction, however, to what you can then post - it's whatever style and whatever
topic you want.

I don't normally speak out to this extent, but I am heartily sick of this country and its attitude to disabled people. The Disability Discrimination Act stinks with its "reasonable Adjustment" clauses which are just a get-out for people who consider it too expensive, or time consuming to make their services/premises accessible to disabled people.

In this country it is now unacceptable, and against the law to discriminate against other minority groups. So why are disabled people still at the bottom of the heap?

I can't write for disabled people as a whole, but I can write from my perspective as a blind person.

85% of registered blind people of working age are unemployed.
97% of all printed material never makes its way into Braille.
95% of all printed material never makes its way in to any formats accessible to visually impaired people.

In the last year:
I've been turned away from two bed and breakfast establishments.
I've been turned away from one restaurant, with a group of friends.
My job has become more or less impossibleto do because of inaccessible software.
I have had to wait longer than other customers to get a taxi that will take me.

The list goes on. This is all part of daily life for me and most of the time I put up with it so as not to appear as though I have a massive chip on my shoulder. If you play the victim, you end up becoming the victim.

However, today's our day. Disablism is out there. Its rife. The only thing that will turn it around is if we, as individuals, take people to court when they treat us less favourably.

One hell of a fight and one that I often shy away from, but if we don't do it, things will never change with the law as it stands.
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